Sunday, March 6, 2011

West Indies Coach condemns on ICC Statement

Haroon Lorgat addresses the media regarding security issues
West Indies Coach Ottis Gibson, criticized on ICC Statement, has said that it was a ridiculous proclamation from ICC Chief Executive Haroon Logart to dismiss the stone-throwing incident involving the West Indies team bus as minor. Gibson said, "I just remind him responsibility regarding security, He can't sit in a hotel room in Chennai and say they were pebbles, we heard hard hitting on the bus front-glass and smashing glass didn't seem to us to be pebbles. It is not fair to make a sloppy statement like that".
The bus carrying the West Indies players was stoned on its way back to the team hotel after they thrashed Bangladesh by nine wickets in Mirpur on Friday. The Bangladesh bus was also stoned, as was Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan's house. The day after the incident, Lorgat spoke in Chennai and played down the episode, saying it was only a few individuals that had thrown pebbles at the bus.
Gibson elaborated on how events outspread from the perspective of the team inside the bus. He said, "We were in the bus and enjoying ourselves after the win. Some fans were shooting pictures outside. We saw a lot of people there and suddenly stones were thrown at our bus and couple of windows cracked. The glass broke, but it did not shatter and no rock came inside. No player suffered injury. Most of us ducked down on the floor of the bus." He also said that the Bangladesh Cricket Board president had apologized to the West Indies team management immediately after the incident and that the team was now focused on their next game.

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