Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ICC modified for 2.5m rule law

Umpire Decision Review System
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revised the guidelines of 2.5m rule in the Umpire Decision Revision System (UDRS) and instructed to the umpires that they must consider the distance between the ball pitching and point of impact. On 6th March, ICC declared a tweak in the rules and regulations, permitting on-fields umpires to reverse not-out decisions if the replays showed part of the ball to be hitting in the middle stump, even if the batsman was hit more than 2.5m away. They have released a complete guideline to the umpires to use in the World Cup.
When a not-out LBW decision is evaluated, and the replay demonstrates the ball has made impact more than 2.5m away from the wickets, the umpires also have to consider another feature: the distance the ball has travelled between pitching and hitting the pad. If that distance is less than 40cm, the ball still has to travel more than 2.5m to reach the stumps, then, it has been decisive, any not-out decision given by the on-field umpire will remain not out.
It has also been decided that if the batsman is more than 3.5m from the wicket, then again not-out decisions will not be reversed. The only picture in which an LBW decision will be reversed in favor of the bowler if the batsman is more than 2.5m away from the wicket, if the distance is less than 3.5m and the distance between pitching and point of impact is more than 40cm. In that case, some part of the ball must be hitting middle stump, and the whole ball must be hitting the stumps below the bails.
In cases where the original decision is out, the 2.5m or 40cm distances do not consider, as in that state Hawk Eye must show the ball to be completely missing the stumps in order for the umpire to undo his decision. The 2.5m rule has been under scrutiny in the tournament so far, but these revised guidelines will clarify any confusion and will allow for the rule to be interpreted uniformly by all the umpires during the World Cup.

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