Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smith satisfied with 2.5m rule

Graeme Smith
Graeme Smith had also joined in the 2.5m clause debate in Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) as he said that he was aware of the rule and understood it. Smith faced two instances in the match between South Africa and Netherlands in Mohali.
Netherland player Bas Zuiderent was given out lbw to Robin Peterson in the 22nd over of Netherlands' innings. Zuiderent was struck low on the front foot and was given out by Asoka da Silva. He did not review the conclusion but replays showed the impact was 2.5 meters from the stumps. The second incident was when Imran Tahir dismissed Berend Westdijk, who was the last wicket to fall. The on-field umpire ruled that Westdijk was out but the batsman called for a review. Replays showed that the point of impact on Westdijk's pad was 2.5 metres from the stumps as well. Zuiderent's result was not reviewed and Westdijk's decision was not changed because the on-field umpire had initially ruled that he was out.
According to the ICC's manual for the review system, if an "out" decision is reviewed, in order to prove that "the ball is missing the stumps; the evidence of the technology should show that no part of the ball would have made contact with any part of the stumps or bails." In the South Africa v Netherlands match, the 2.5m rule would have helped both batsmen had they been ruled not out and the fielding side had reviewed the decision, as was the case with Ian Bell against India.
Smith said, "He is fine with it because it was communicated to us and I understood it well". The 2.5m rule exists because that is the distance that experts have recognized at which the precision of Hawkeye begins to fade, leaving room for the on-field umpire's discretion to be used.

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