Friday, March 18, 2011

Bangladesh would face daunting task with South Africa

Bangladesh have to win over South Africa to qualify for quarter-finals
One of the Hosts of World Cup 2011, Bangladesh will have to face a daunting task against South Africa in do & die situation of the qualifying for quarter-finals. English team tremendously came back to the tournament after defeating West Indies by 18 runs in their must-win encounter in Chennai. With that victory, they have lit up their chances of qualifying for the coming knock-out system [quarter-finals]. Only South Africa is the side from Group B who are ensured qualification and there are a number of possible cases that will decide the fates of the teams for qualifying and the position for next round.
Scenario 1: Bangladesh lose to South Africa and India defeat West Indies
In this case, Bangladesh will be eliminated because of their lesser net run rate. South Africa will finish top of the group with ten points and India will finish second with nine points. England and West Indies will occupy third and fourth respectively.

Scenario 2: Bangladesh beat South Africa and West Indies bang India
England will be hoping this situation does not occur. If Bangladesh beat South Africa, they will move to eight points and West Indies can also finish on eight if they thrash India. With three teams' level on points and number of wins, the net run rate will decide the ranks. West Indies and South Africa will take the top two spots and Bangladesh the third spot. India will kick out England for the fourth position barring a huge trounce against West Indies. If West Indies makes 300 and will dismiss India for 117 or if West Indies can dismiss India for 150 and chase the target down in 20.3 over, it is an unlikely highly situation.
Scenario 3: Bangladesh beat South Africa and India beat West Indies
This state will eradicate West Indies as they will finish on six points as compared to Bangladesh and England, who will have eight and seven points respectively. India will move to the top spot with nine points and South Africa by virtue of a higher net run rate will finish above Bangladesh in second position.
Scenario 4: Bangladesh lose to South Africa and India lose to West Indies
This scenario will impel West Indies to the second spot, with eight points. South Africa will escort the group with 10, while India and England will both make the cut, with seven points, and their positions will be decided by NRR. Bangladesh's campaign will end on six points after three defeats.
Scenario 5: A washout or a tie in the Bangladesh v South Africa game
If points are shared in Mirpur, Bangladesh will finish level with England on seven points, but with an inferior NRR. This will confirm England's passage to next round, while Bangladesh's hopes of progressing will look for India either beating West Indies, or losing by a huge margin enough to bring their NRR crashing down below Bangladesh's. A close West Indian win in Chennai will, however, abolish Bangladesh's World Cup campaign.
Scenario 6: A washout or a tie in the India v West Indies game
This is a picture England will be hoping besides, if Bangladesh copes to upset South Africa in Mirpur. With eight points each, Bangladesh, South Africa and India will then make the cut, while West Indies will pip England for the fourth spot on NRR despite being tied on seven points. If Bangladesh, however, lose in Mirpur, a tie or washout in Chennai will leave India second in the table behind South Africa, while West Indies and England will be eligible in third and fourth positions.
Scenario 7: Both games would be washed out or tied
In the highly-unlikely occasion that both games are either tied or washed out, India will move up to eight points and second on the table, while England, West Indies and Bangladesh will finish with seven points. With the shoddier NRR of the three, Bangladesh will again be the team missing out.

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