Monday, February 14, 2011

Exhilarating warm-up Match as Old rivals meet

South Africa Cricket Team
If we remember semi-final between South Africa and Australia at Edgbaston in 1999 World Cup, Only two survivors Jacques Kallis and Ricky Ponting have experienced the excitement that laid the foundation for a strong rivalry between two countries. They will be served another scrap in the warm-up match in Bangalore, and even though it's only for practice, the winners will take confidence out of beating their old foes.
South Africa has more bitter memories and will be particularly joyful if they walk away with a victory. It is defining for us to win in terms of getting ready for the 24th, which is when the real thing starts," South Africa coach said. The conclusion of tomorrow's match could be one such interruption, perhaps more so if South Africa wins. Australia are by no means the unbeatable side they once were, and they don't have the same hold over South Africa that they once did, but the contest is still talked up.
It will be a helpful exercise for Dale Steyn, who got nothing out of the Chennai pitch and saw some Australian seamers thrived in Bangalore. Steyn bowled much slower than normal against Zimbabwe but there were no doubts over his fitness. Dale brings exclusivity to the bowling attack with his pace and swings and is visibly a very imperative player for South Africa.
The importance is on getting every member of the squad as prepared as possible and not on the overall outcome. The only other player whose preparation is under inspection is Jacques Kallis. He batted with inspiring confidence on Saturday but did not bowl and is unlikely to do so on Tuesday. That end of the tournament is not for another five weeks, and even though many will see Tuesday's match as a possible semi-final or final, it will be decisive for South Africa to remember that it is not and ponder on their method, not the result. A success over Australia later in the tournament will be much sweeter.

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