Saturday, April 2, 2011

Toss was taken twice in the huge final

The Final started with a controversial incident with the toss having threw twice
The World Cup Final started with a huge controversy even no teams had started the game. The coin had to be tossed twice after the Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara forgot to call at the first time. The Wankhede Stadium was not yet occupied to its full capacity, yet the noise was to its peak. The match referee Jeff Crowe had not heard the call from Sangakkara at first time while India's skipper MS Dhoni threw up the coin. Commentator Ravi Shastri, who was hosting the toss, said that it had turned to heads the first time. There were then a few confusions over there as Crowe said that he had not heard the call from the Sagakkara so the toss was void. MS Dhoni again threw up the coin, Sangakkara called heads and he won the turn.
Replays of the toss pointed to that Sangakkara called heads the first time as well. Sangakkara's head was lowered when he spoke. But neither Crowe nor Shastri had heard Sangakkara's call, Crowe did not hear due to the noise while Shastri was looking up at the coin. When Shastri looked across to Crowe, the referee said, "I didn't listen to it." There was then a concise chat and it was decided the toss had to be held again.

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