Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time to train a new wicketkeeper – Coach Waqar

Akmal's glove-work was under serious criticism as he was dropped for next West Indies tour
Waqar Younis, the Pakistan Coach, has said it is time for a young wicketkeeper to be trained as a replacement for Kamran Akmal. He said, "The change for the wicketkeeper is a difficult task but I feel the Pakistan team now needs a younger and energetic wicketkeeper who can carry his momentum for the new few years. It is the right time to groom a new wicketkeeper". Kamran Akmal had come under a serious criticism in the recent times as his glove-work was much disappointing especially during the Pakistan's tour of Australia in early 2010 as well as in the recent contest World Cup. He dribbled several key catches.
Pakistan was defeated in the semi-final of the World Cup by India and it was a huge loss for the team. He advised board to make sweeping alterations. He said, "I agree that it is time to build a fresh team but it doesn't mean that you replace all the players with the youngsters as it was done after the World Cup 2003. We need to maintain a balance between the youngsters and experienced which will assure the steadiness in the side".

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