Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tendulkar LBW defer baffled Ajmal

TV Replays showed that ball pitched in line but missing leg stump
Saeed Ajmal, The Pakistan Off-spinner, has said that he is completely shocked when the Decision Review System (UDRS) deferred the On-Field Umpire Ian Gould's LBW decision against Sachin Tendulkar during the World Cup Semi-Final against India in Mohali. Gould declared Tendulkar LBW while he was facing Ajmal in the 11th over of the innings, but the batsman called for Decision Review System (UDRS). Replays showed that the ball pitched in line but the Hawk eye announced him "not-out" as the ball was missing the leg stump.
Ajmal said, "I don't know how the replays showed my ball turning towards the leg side as I had delivered an arm ball and it went straight. I was 110% convinced when the referral was made that the batsman was out". Tendulkar was playing on 23 at that point and survived four dropped chanced before he was dismissed while made vital 85 runs with the title of Player of the Match award. Ajmal took two important wickets and he was satisfied with his bowling performance but it was disappointed that Pakistan lost a huge clash to India by 29 runs.

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