Monday, April 4, 2011

Next two World Cups will be 10-team events - ICC

The Official Logo for 2015 World Cup
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has assured that ten teams will play in next two World Cups. Australia and New Zealand will host the 2015 edition of the premier 50-over tournament whereas the 2019 World Cup will be hosted by England. The ICC chief-executive, Haroon Logart said that the 1992 World Cup format could be revised wherein all the teams play each other in group matches and the top four make the places in the semi-finals.
The recently concluded World Cup featured 14 teams and the group stage was played among seven teams each, having top eight fighting in the quarter-finals. The trimming of the event means that associates teams will not participate in next contest while the T20 World comprises 16 teams, having six Associate of Affiliate members a chance to play in a premier World event every two years. For 2019, there will be a qualification antagonism, the nature of which is yet to be defined.
Logart said, "We have got a programmed in place. The way Ireland is now performing is a corollary of that. Similarly, Netherlands have improved. To some extent you may say that we were disenchanted with the way Kenya and Canada have in fact in some respects gone backwards. We do spend a lot of time on the high-performance countries, and going into the next strategic plan we want to bring into play what we call targeted investment, which will further support those sorts of high-performance countries".


  1. this is not fair for the upcoming teams like ireland who thrashed england and gave really hard time to indians and other teamss.i think 2011 world cup rules were better options for promoting new teams

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