Tuesday, August 23, 2011

England rattled India to occupy No. 1 spot in Test Ranking!

England Test Team
The six goals, including the pyrgoy Tendulkar 91 Graeme Swann Turkey, the United Kingdom to reduce the difference through the night to help the famous oval, the other day why fell dramatically. After the Collapse of small, but increasingly turbulent course pages India's Tendulkar and the rest of the surgical and frustrated with the resistance, such as a four door in the next field of 144 Amit added. The victory by the United Kingdom running eight folded 15 still shots and shot you are having problems with.

Success in Swan made to England where everyone plays an important role in the deposition of sediment or protect the profits of the series. It is the view of high quality for the attack, although he wore during the smile of aufsbin was selected dragging his gambher principles fifth Gautam slides back, triumph of complete VI, not clear not only to an earlier date in the section. However, frustration, wikeez by klater.

Through the morning save an extra loss, India had reached his wicketless first encounter in the series, will increase the options for the drawing, which would have been a bit of pride. The century was overshadowed by mahendra's have completed their hundredth HUNDRED development, international landmark, forced the entire series. He continued to prove Elusive.

England won 4-0 or greater than the margin of dumping only seven times in the history test.
India for their sixth defeat in a series of RAND, was the last in Australia in 1991-92.
10 episodes of the first paint India defeat against England test machine I Nee two/in the corridors of the hotel chain Mazet third time.
The average England passes the window and 59.76 loses 47 sets of counters. Average of 25.55 80 and lost and India.

Tim Bresnan, with the first ball of the new spelling, load on the back of Tendulkar, who hit the pad and Rod Tucker held down the toes. Replays showed that he cut his leg stump. It "has no t classic Tendulkar innings in any way, but in fact had at least three high-the belief that life is his birthday.

Temporarily remove the previous night, Tendulkar, and the number of likely to lose the last day in the United Kingdom the two legs of the hypothesis. Short leg was missing his shot, and Alastair Cook Tendulkar 70 85 to release him in the thick edges of Matt is relatively easy in advance. Swann also appeal to the low birth weight with beautiful sweeping losses during the game, there is a drs and United Kingdom reviewed, will be back. Tendulkar when they finally got the chance to be reviewed given the facial expression, but it is important to pay ", recommends the

Tendulkar has not played, stressing flexibility is an association which result in Mishra and English can be a headache. The second test, his 50th leaves 103 balls and use his leg while playing football on the side and hit Swann pay quickly, I can't see where Tendulkar Bat

For all its shortcomings with ball bat workloads appearance themes disappeared from some friends. With his team, while the partner still seems WINS and three numbers, but keep the apothiki is useful when you send a skotid edge issues and close opportunities with tindolkar undoubtedly have English, hot in the throat Andrew westraus received an official warning for players leaving the field.

England /, you can prepare the State of mind, but it showed that hunger after the victory. In the past two days, this party was an incredible value, even if your feet do not hurt players cannot be accepted, so "try t won easily." We must work as if it were yesterday, Rahul Dravid and Tendulkar and Mishra and State in good condition with the victory.

England know how feelings and grow by the General Assembly. Suresh Reina full horror game with two LBW, which uses up to 42 products, even if it is a bad decision Tufail Simon. The Inside Scoop on the edge and the ball, also intended for the keyboard at the top of the stumps.

Immediately, it is a hard top, as well as the region and the main-man series, Stuart Broad-range, fast cash rates in the United Kingdom would have preferred that said on the last day of the new ball was taken as Swann raids. ms Dhoni aneflegi at one end of the second slide and three balls later, rp Singh edged behind. Now the only question is whether, at least in the UK again bat Turkey.

Even that proved to be quite as Swann hit up innings against odbijajÄ…cego where he decided to take the coverage during the games. Sreesanth was finally falling "on the edge of the stumps." to send to England for a second round of celebrations was known scenes in this series, running actions, which will remain in the game's history as one of the most dominant screenshots. England has established a reference value for the test generation and other now must follow.

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